Hello. I'm SlingShot.

What Can You Do With SlingShot? Whatever Your Creativity Desires.

Personal Use

Keep messages more private with single views and/or time them to expire and encourage quicker responses.


Just met someone and want to send your phone number for a single view for more privacy? Want to keep your love's conversations more private? Want to tell your friends something but don't want the whole world to see? Besties just got better. How will you use SlingShot?


Send a single message to a group of people, first one to read it (and then it self-destructs) wins and they get to go to the concert with you and your one extra ticket!

Business Use

'Sense of Urgency' marketing has worked for eons. Now you have a platform to implement it any time, any day, for as long as you like.

Expiring Super-Coupons

Using your email list or social media, broadcast a link with a super-exclusive deal that expires in 30 minutes. Those who view it, get the deal. Those who don't will be watching for the next time with baited breath. There are so many other combinations of using SlingShot for your business.

Added Bonus Ads

Customers missed the message and it expired? That's okay, we'll give you three ad areas to place "Sorry you missed this one, but you might also like..."

Share More Than Text

Words, and just words, can be blah. Send images, video, documents, .zip files, audio files and more. Up to 5MB. That's pretty generous stuff for you to be generous with your friends and customers. Get creative.

  • Reliable Deletion That You Can Count On.
  • Send Messages With No Name Or Give Yourself a Nickname.
  • Attach Files With Ease.
  • Tons of Different Ways to Use SlingShot.

We didn't have you at hello?

→ Easily create notes with customized options: automatic expire, password protection, single use, file uploads, and much more.

→ Protect your notes with a password that only those who you trust can access your message.

→ Go ahead, attach an image for an automatic inline image preview, allowing you to easily share pictures in a more secure manner.

→ Are you an advertiser who would like to deliver ads on the platform to every person who sends and/or receives notes? Great, contact us here.

This is genius. I can think of tons of ways to use this.

Mike S.
School Administrator

I created SlingShot for my teenage kids -- but in doing so, found many uses for businesses of all sizes. And as time goes on, I'll develop new functionality for better marketing use.

Joe Schaefer
Creator, SlingShot

It's Awesome for Businesses

Urgency and Gamification Are Huge. Why? Because Customers Repond To It!

Data & Analytics

Implement your campaigns and collect data not just on your end (your analytics), but we'll send you a monthly report on pageviews, clicks, and other important data so you can make important marketing decisions for more conversions.

People Love Exclusivity

Creating a sense of urgency and giving people different ways to interact with your brand (think: different timeframes and deals with each use of SlingShot) will drive more positive awareness while helping drive more sales.


A business account isn't free, but it does come with its perks. Not just analytics and the occasional support call from us to see how you're doing, but we're also here to give support if something goes wrong. Really, a real person will talk to you (as best we can!).

Still in Beta Testing

Get Notified First When We Officially Launch!

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